Jaque Bethke

John Doe

Jaque Bethke is a Midwest born interior designer. Her unique aesthetic and keen eye for well-placed unconventional objects makes every space livable and visually dynamic. This vision was first realized during her tenure as a creative force with Wynn Design and Development Resorts.

Good design gives people a special sense of place, self and the present. It should heighten one’s sense of humor, serenity, mystery and comfort. With the emergence of increased globalization, technology has produced even more dramatic and cinematic concepts in design and architecture with regards to scale and fantasy. To be successful in this field, Jaque believes you must be a born collaborator. Combining inspirations from the fields of architecture and design allows Jaque to create unique atmospheres that exemplify her point-of-view, while also preserving the vision of her clients.

Jaque has designed brilliant projects that have graced the editorial pages of both local and national magazines and has received many awards for both her commercial and residential designs.