Our Designers

The Swaim Furniture team includes talented and sought-after artisans who work with us to produce luxurious designs and products for the home. Their attention to detail is unmatched in our industry.

Every chair, table, bed and sofa begins as a creative inspiration. Our designers revise and refine their initial sketches into drawings that enlighten and inspire. Our craftsmen then bring these sketches to life using their tools and talents. They are true perfectionists who uphold our high quality standards.

We are immensely appreciative of our artisans, who dedicate themselves to creating the stylish and comfortable furniture for which Swaim is known. The finest of contemporary, traditional, modern and transitional furniture, beautifully and artfully crafted in High Point, North Carolina.

John Mascheroni

“You develop a collection over the years that has consistency and a point of view. I strive for quality, classic proportions, and fashionable furniture.” – John

Four decades ago, American designer John Mascheroni partnered with Swaim Inc. Mascheroni deserves much of the credit for our decision to transition from traditional to contemporary designs. He worked with us in 1973 to create our first contemporary collection, which was so successful that Bloomingdale’s gave it exclusive space in its New York store.

Mascheroni realized his own interest in contemporary furniture in the 1960s, although his roots in the industry run much deeper. His father was an Italian craftsman who was descended from generations of artisans in the Italian tradition. A New York native who studied industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Mascheroni learned woodworking by making antique European reproductions in his father’s small factory. He is fond of saying that he grew up in a New York furniture factory working beside his father.

After his father’s retirement, Mascheroni began exploring the world of contemporary design using upholstery, wood and metal. Mascheroni attributes mid-20th century luminaries such as George Nelson and Charles Eames as chief influencers for his designs, calling both men “true designers” who understood the manufacturing process.

More than a furniture designer, Mascheroni is renowned and respected within the furniture world as a true visionary. He is the recipient of countless awards for his work, which is often equated with contemporary sculpture.

“Designing upholstery is not just playing with shapes, it's playing with scale and proportion. The three things that are paramount for success are, style, fabric and the experience of sitting in it. If you fail the last of the three, as a designer, you're dead." – John Mascheroni

Jaque Bethke is a Midwest-born interior designer. Her unique aesthetic and a keen eye for well-placed unconventional objects make every space livable and visually dynamic. This vision was first realized during her tenure as a creative force with Wynn Design and Development Resorts.

Good design gives people a special sense of place, self, and the present. It should heighten one’s sense of humor, serenity, mystery, and comfort. With the emergence of increased globalization, technology has produced even more dramatic and cinematic concepts in design and architecture with regards to scale and fantasy. To be successful in this field, Jaque believes you must be a born collaborator. Combining inspirations from the fields of architecture and design allows Jaque to create unique atmospheres that exemplify her point-of-view, while also preserving the vision of her clients.

Jaque has designed brilliant projects that have graced the editorial pages of both local and national magazines and has received many awards for both her commercial and residential designs.

Jaque Bethke


Charles Pavarini III

Charles Pavarini

As grandson of Charles Pavarini, Sr., Charles Pavarini III has reinterpreted the legacy of the Pavarini Construction Company, known for creating historic NYC landmarks including the Seagram Tower, 5 wings on the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the State Theater at Lincoln Center, and numerous other landmark buildings throughout the world. His design style has evolved into a highly poetic blend of traditional and contemporary design elements, carefully developed from a strong interior concept.  All of his projects hinge around a powerful central design theme and maintain a certain ‘vision’ which is always dramatically executed given Charles’ keen sense of color, style, and use of lighting as a ‘design tool’.

Having sat on the board of directors of the Designer’s Lighting Forum of New York for twenty-nine years, he has a refined approach to interior design, always staged with strong focal points and exacting lighting technique to harness the architectural vernacular of the spaces he designs.  His talent has been rewarded with 28 awards for excellence in design throughout his career, which includes the most prestigious of lighting awards, the coveted Lumen Award. In addition, he boasts an Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award for Architectural Lighting, an Award of Merit from the Illuminating Engineering Society for Lighting, a 2014 International Property Award for the Americas, and an IFDA Circle of Excellence Award.


Carly Blalock is an award-winning luxury interior designer, nationally recognized for her design sensibility, pinpointing and implementing the unique style of each client into breathtaking personal and professional spaces. Carly passionately believes that luxurious living isn’t simply how a dwelling appears, but how thoughtful design can shape the tone and atmosphere for those who interact with the space.

With over seventeen years of experience in every aspect of interior design, Carly has received many outstanding awards and publishings for interior design. She has garnered a reputation by creating unforgettable spaces, delivering distinctive yet timeless concepts with a facet of fun, and pairing all of that with seamless execution.

Carly’s passion for the worlds of building materials and luxury furnishings provides an endless source of inspiration, allowing her to continually execute as an atelier of fine furnishings and fresh designs for her clients; something she takes a great deal of pride in - It doesn't matter if your style varies from traditional to contemporary, having someone with the knowledge and experience to move you in the right direction is essential.

"As a designer, I truly believe a beautiful space affects every person, every experience, and every mood" ~ Carly Blalock "

Carly Blalock

Carly Blalock